Oral Peripheral Exam

Oral Peripheral Exam

Oral Peripheral Examination Assessment Tool

Have you ever wanted to look into a child’s mouth, but feared the child would refuse to cooperate? Oral-peripheral examinations give clinicians valuable information regarding deficits in a client’s oral structure or function that may result in a speech disorder. This new oral peripheral examination assessment tool was designed to encourage children to happily participate during the examination. This exciting new product consists of 11 high quality real pictures of silly children and animals performing each task. Children find the pictures hilarious and enjoy mimicking the images, which allows for a quick and easy assessment. This tool contains a protocol that guides the clinician to evaluate aspects of the oral structures that correlate with each picture. This protocol can be copied to provide unlimited use of the examination. It is designed for children between the ages of 3-12, and may be used with individuals older than 12 years of age, if applicable. A wide range of disorders may be assessed with this tool, including but not limited to: autism, stuttering, cluttering, voice, articulation, expressive and receptive language disorders, and hearing impaired clients. This will no doubt be a staple in your assessment toolbox.

Our lastest Oral Peripheral Exam by Chelsea Bennett is now available.

Only 50 copies available. Binder and photos included. Use it over and over.

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